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God’s Facebook


What if God had a Facebook page?


Certainly His following would be immense and the number of “likes”off the chart.

But what would He post?

What words of wisdom would fill His timeline?

What pictures would He share?

But wait a minute! God already has a “Facebook” page, in fact not just a page but a book of pages that reveals to us His “face.”  He posts a picture of who He is when we read about His Son Jesus who entered humanity.  For even Jesus said, “Anyone who has seen me, has seen the Father.”  Our God has posted thousands of words sharing His gift of salvation, His wisdom and guidance.

But we need to like His Facebook not just by giving it a thumbs up.  Not just by having His Facebook as an app on our phones.  But rather we need to intentionally set aside more time to delve into His Facebook.

Perhaps like me, you need to set aside your phone more often – spend less time catching up with FB friends, checking for the latest Instagram pics, tweeting on Twitter or linking up on LinkedIn – and set aside more time to seek the Lord, to see His face in the gift of His book, the Bible.

Just saying!